How will I know the work has been completed?

The personnel at Grave Care Solutions will take a digital photograph of before and after work carried out on the gravesite. These photos will be emailed to an email address provided by you.

Is there a guarantee for the work Grave Care Solutions performs?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the work Grave Care Solutions has performed, please contact us and we will try to correct the problem. In some instances the condition of the grave may only be rectified by main restoration work.

Do I have to pay for yearly cleanings?

We customize our services to fit your family's specific needs. If your loved one's headstone needs a one - off cleaning, we're happy to trim the weeds, clean the headstone, plant flowers and fulfill other requests. You could also hire us on a regular basis to make sure that your loved one's resting place stays neat and clean throughout the year. Some customers hire us on a three - month, six - month or twelve - month basis.

Does my loved one's gravesite really need regular cleanings?

Headstones are built to last, but that doesn't mean that they last forever. Over time, the stone can crack, break and crumble. Dirt, mold and moss can obscure the headstone and make it difficult to read.

Some headstones are so covered with mud and dirt that they're virtually impossible to distinguish. When we clean your loved one's gravestone, we're helping you preserve their memory and making it easier for future generations to locate their gravesite.

Why do I need your services if I can clean my loved one's gravesite myself?

If you have the time to visit your loved one's gravesite on a regular basis, you might not need our services. However, we extend our services to anyone who doesn't have the time or finds it too difficult to visit their loved one's resting place.

We also have the tools to handle more challenging issues like a crumbling headstone or moss overgrowth that obscures the name on the gravestone.

Do you clean gravesites for distant ancestors?

Yes! We clean gravesites for distant ancestors as well as close relatives. Even if you never met this individual, you might want to preserve their memory for future generations. We can restore old gravestones, trim overgrown weeds and leave flowers and messages for your distant relatives.

Can you deliver gifts, flowers or messages?

With some exceptions, we can deliver gifts to your loved one's gravesite. This might include flowers, flags, figurines, collectibles, cards, wreaths, photographs, candles or anything else that you want to bring. We can also give spoken messages and prayers at your relative's gravesite.

Once we've completed our work, we'll send you pictures so you can see the arrangement and request changes if necessary. 

Do you plant flowers at gravesites?

We can plant flowers directly on your loved one's gravesite. We also offer services like cutting grass, pulling weeds, replacing dead plants and watering flowers to ensure that their gravesite looks clean and orderly. If their headstone is overgrown with moss and lichens, we can clean their headstone with safe, environmentally friendly chemicals.

What if the cemetery offers maintenance services?

The cemetery might have limited services, but we take care of everything that the cemetery doesn't offer. This could include repairing a cracked gravestone, replacing the flowers or delivering seasonal decorations. Get in touch with us if you want us to supplement the cemetery's existing maintenance services.

Can you visit my loved one's gravesite on a particular day?

Let us know if you want us to visit the gravesite on a particular day like a birthday or holiday. We could also bring seasonal gifts, flowers, wreaths or decorations. If you don't have a specific day in mind, we'll get in touch with you to schedule the date.

What if I'm not sure where the grave is located?

If you don't know where the gravesite is located in the cemetery, give us as much information as you can. We'll find the gravesite for you so we can get to work as quickly as possible.

Can I see what the grave looks like when you're done?

When we've completed our services, we'll send you pictures to make sure that you're satisfied with our work. If you're not satisfied, we'll make changes according to your specifications. We can make some alterations at no extra cost, but note that you might have to pay more if the gravesite needs a complete restoration.

How do I know how much restoration will cost?

Get in touch with us for a consultation. We'll give you a free quote based on the services that you're looking for. Note that we might charge more for extensive services like gravestone restoration.

What if I haven't been able to visit the gravesite in a while?

If we notice any serious issues, we'll let you know before we start our restoration work. Since some services cost extra, we want to make sure that you're fully informed before we begin. We'll never charge you for extra services before getting your permission first.

Are there any limits to what you can do?

Our services might be limited if your loved one's cemetery has certain restrictions. Before we get started, we'll do some research on the cemetery and let you know if we find any issues. We won't charge you for anything that we can't complete.

Generally, our services are compatible with local cemeteries, but we won't rule out the possibility of a rare exception.

Do you use environmentally friendly products?

We use environmentally friendly cleaning products that won't damage the grass, plants and flowers around your loved one's gravesite. Our products won't pollute the air, poison the ground or damage the area near other gravesites. If you're interested, ask us for more information about the products that we use.

Are your cleaning methods disruptive?

At Grave Care Solutions, we understand that a cemetery is a quiet, sacred place. We'll work quietly and efficiently to make sure that we clean your loved one's gravesite without making unnecessary noise. If we have to wash or restore their gravestone, we use tools that make as little noise as possible. We're committed to working peacefully even if there are no other people in the cemetery.

Can you restore the writing on a heavily damaged gravestone?

Weather damage, moss, lichens, frost, erosion, grime and dirt can damage your loved one's headstone over time. If your loved one's gravestone is so badly damaged that you can't read the text anymore, we can fully restore the headstone to make the text clear and visible. This helps preserve your loved one's memory and identity for future generations.

Who can use your services?

Anyone can use the services that we offer at Grave Care Solutions. You don't have to justify your reasons to us or anyone else. If you want us to clean your loved one's gravesite, we'll take care of it--simple as that.

We understand that while you'd love to visit your relative's gravesite on a regular basis, life often gets in the way. That's why we're here to make it a little easier for you and your family members.

How often should you clean a headstone?

We recommend checking your loved one's gravestone at least once a year--more often, if possible. Over time, dirt and grime build up and become more difficult to clean. If you don't have the time, Grave Care Solutions is happy to visit your loved one's gravesite on your behalf.

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