Why We Care About Maintaining Graves

Grave Care Solutions' Story

Phil Lund, owner of Grave Care Solutions, had visited local cemeteries multiple times in his life. During his visits, he started to notice that many headstones were cracked, crumbling, covered in moss and so weather - worn that they were practically unreadable. Everyone deserves to have a clean, dignified gravesite.

Unfortunately, many families don't have the tools to repair a headstone and can't find the time to visit the cemetery every week. That's why the network of professionals at Grave Care Solutions is here to help you maintain your loved ones' final resting place. 

That's the philosophy behind Grave Care Solutions. We're not judging your choices. We know that you would probably visit your loved one's gravesite once a week if you had the time. But as you get older, you have to deal with life's other responsibilities.

It's hard enough to get a few minutes to yourself each day, let alone take a few hours to clean up a headstone. Why not pay someone else to do all the work for you? We have special tools and expertise that could make your loved one's gravesite look cleaner than you'd ever imagined.

A Network Of Grave Care Professionals

Family is at the heart of everything we do. After all, Phil specifically started this business with grieving families in mind. Our dedicated network of grave care professionals will provide nothing but the most exceptional and respectful services in the care of your loved one's gravesite. 

We know the importance of letting your loved ones rest in peace and dignity. It's not just important for you, it's also important for future generations who will visit your loved one's headstone in the years to come. A well - preserved headstone encourages people to learn more about their late relatives and the colorful lives that they lived.

Our Promise To You 

When you pay for our services, this is the promise that we'll make to you:

We'll treat your loved one's gravesite with utmost dignity and respect during the clean - up process. We know that this isn't the time to rush ourselves or use loud equipment. Instead, we'll work slowly and quietly so we don't disturb the sanctity of the area.

We'll listen to your individual needs so you and your family members can grieve on your own terms. Whenever we clean up a gravesite, we'll send you pictures to make sure that we acted according to your specifications. If not, we won't stop working until you're satisfied.

We'll show compassion and understanding throughout the process. This isn't "just a job" for us. We understand that everyone grieves differently and deserves to be treated with respect.

Compassionate And Respectful Care

Our Policies

Some people get into this business because they want to make some extra money. Everyone needs money to survive, but this isn't just another job for us. We might not have known your loved ones personally, but we'll treat their graves with care and dignity as if we were close friends. We'll also listen to your expectations and clean the gravesite exactly as you would if you could be there.

Dedication to Precision and Expertise

If you've ever looked at an old, worn-out headstone in a cemetery, you've probably noticed that it's so damaged that it's practically unreadable. How could anyone know who was laid to rest here?

Cleaning and restoring headstones requires skill, patience and expertise. That's why we're equipped with the tools to bring your loved one's headstone back to its original glory.

At Grave Care Solutions, we use gentle chemicals that remove dirt and stains without poisoning the grass around the headstone. We can clear out dead growths, remove moss and lichens, scrape off debris and fix cracks without resorting to loud, distracting machinery.

We also know that different headstones are made from different materials, especially when we're working with headstones from decades or centuries ago. We'll give your loved one's headstone personal attention to make sure that it's clean and pristine by the time that we're gone.

Death doesn't end your relationship with a family member. You can still honor their memory by taking care of their gravesite. That's what we're here to do for you at Grave Care Solutions.

All Phases of Grave Site and Memorial Care

Professional Gravesite Maintenance Services

Grave Care Solutions provides all phases of grave site and memorial care. We understand how important it is to keep your loved one's gravesite maintained in a respectable manner. When it becomes difficult for you to find the time to properly take care of the gravesite, let the dedicated staff at Grave Care Solutions take that burden from you so your visits can be focused on spending time reflecting in a well-maintained and cleaned environment. We provide a grave maintenance service to people who are not in a position to maintain the final resting place of their loved ones.

Grave Care Solutions provides a range of services including the upkeep of graves and plots, planting seasonal bulbs and plants, flower display on occasions of your choice for major holidays such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, Anniversary, Christmas, Easter, Cemetery Sunday or an occasion special to you.

Respectfully Maintaining Your Loved One's Final Resting Place

The Best Grave Care Solution

At Grave Care Solutions, our top priority is treating your loved ones with dignity and respect after their passing. This is why we use only gentle, safe and respectful cleaning methods to maintain their final resting place. 

In addition to keeping headstones clean and completing stone repairs when needed, we will visit your loved ones graves on holidays and important dates from their rich and well - lived lives. We know each family is different. That's why Grave Care Solutions is pleased to offer a variety of services based on your individual needs. 

Grave Care Solutions employees know that cemeteries are solemn and spiritual places for families and friends visiting their loved ones. Our promise to you is that we will always conduct ourselves respectfully, taking the utmost care around the sacred space where your loved one lies. 

Let Us Maintain Their Final Resting Place

Professional Gravesite Maintenance Services