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Grave Care Solutions

If you had the time, you would tend to your loved one's gravesite every day. Unfortunately, life tends to get in the way. Maybe you've moved to another state and don't get to visit more than once or twice a year.

Maybe your busy schedule doesn't allow you to visit as much as you'd like, or maybe you have personal issues that make it difficult to visit your loved one's grave. Whatever the case, we're here to take the responsibility of tending to a gravesite off your shoulders.

Remember Your Loved Ones with Grave Care Solutions

Anyone who's lost a loved one knows that tending to a grave isn't something you do once. Gravesites require regular maintenance throughout the year to pull the weeds, clean off dirt and debris, water the flowers, trim the grass and keep the area looking clean and organized. You might want to visit the gravesite on special days like holidays or your loved one's birthday.

To keep the site looking fresh and seasonally appropriate, you might also want to plant new flowers or add new decorations throughout the year. Unfortunately, it's hard to fit graveside maintenance in your busy schedule. And if you live several cities or states away, you're lucky if you can visit once a year. How can you ensure that your loved one's grave is being cleaned, trimmed and taken care of on a regular basis?

That's where we come in. From one - off cleanings to regular visits, we offer a wide range of gravesite maintenance services. We'll treat your loved one's gravesite with care, respect and dignity as we help you honor their memory. 

Keeping Your Loved Ones' Memories Alive

Our Grave Care Services

At Grave Care Solutions, our top priority is making sure your loved ones' memorial sites are takin care of with compassion and love. 

Catering To Your Individual Grave Care Needs

Here's a rundown of the basic services that we offer:

  • Cleaning the headstone to remove dirt, debris and moss growth 
  • Trimming the grass, raking and pulling weeds
  • Watering flowers, removing dead growths and planting fresh arrangements
  • Adding decorations such as candles, flags, toys and figurines 
  • Bringing artificial flowers and wreaths to the gravesite 
  • Updating the flowers and decorations to reflect the changing seasons
  • Visiting regularly to perform routine maintenance 
  • Passing along written or verbal messages
  • Custom requests

Our services aren't limited to the options we've listed above. We can also fulfill special requests that help you honor your loved one's memory in your own unique way. We understand that everyone has their own family traditions and grieving customs, and what works for one family might not work for another.

Let us help you make peace with your loved one's passing.

The Areas That We Serve

We serve the West Michigan area, including Kent County, Kalamazoo County, Ottawa County and Muskegon County. We also serve the Colorado Springs area, including El Paso County.

Who Can Benefit From Our Services

If you're in one of these situations, Grave Care Solutions might be for you:

  • People who live too far away to tend to their loved one's grave on a regular basis
  • People who don't have the time for regular gravesite maintenance
  • People looking for a one-off cleaning of their loved one's gravesite
  • People who want to trim the grass or plant flowers around their loved one's grave but don't have the best gardening skills
  • People who want someone to visit their loved one's grave during the holiday season
  • People who want to tend to their loved one's gravesite but aren't emotionally ready to do it themselves
  • People who need someone to clean their loved one's gravesite after it was vandalized
  • People looking for a year-long schedule of gravesite maintenance

Let Us Customize Your Grave Maintenance

Whether you are ready to commit to our services or not, we are happy to discuss setting up a customized plan for your loved one's gravesite. We are also available to discuss various pricing options and special requests. 

Respectfully Maintaining Your Loved One's Final Resting Place

The Best Grave Care Solution

At Grave Care Solutions, our top priority is treating your loved ones with dignity and respect after their passing. This is why we use only gentle, safe and respectful cleaning methods to maintain their final resting place. 

In addition to keeping headstones clean and completing stone repairs when needed, we will visit your loved ones graves on holidays and important dates from their rich and well - lived lives. We know each family is different. That's why Grave Care Solutions is pleased to offer a variety of services based on your individual needs. 

Grave Care Solutions employees know that cemeteries are solemn and spiritual places for families and friends visiting their loved ones. Our promise to you is that we will always conduct ourselves respectfully, taking the utmost care around the sacred space where your loved one lies. 

Let Us Maintain Their Final Resting Place

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